Employee Information

Dear Corrections Employee,

We are proud to present to you an association established just for you, an Arkansas Department of Correction, Arkansas Community Correction, Arkansas Correctional Schools, Riverside Vo-Tech, and Parole Board employees.  The Arkansas Association of Correctional Employees Trust (AACET) is here to assist you during a time of crisis or tragedy.

We encourage you to join the association, not only for your benefit, but to help your co-workers and friends.  In the event of a crisis or tragedy in your life, spouse, or minor child, the association could help you financially.  Assistance for non-members is limited to $250. 

Unfortunately, from time to time we are faced  with illnesses, fires, and even deaths.  You may file a request for assistance by contacting your Warden, Administrator, Area Manager, or HR representative for an AACET Request Form.   They will assist you in completing the form and submitting it to the AACET Board for review.   Assistance may be available for members, spouses, or member's minor children.

To join AACET, all you need to do is complete an Employee Membership Form and return by mail to your Central Human Resources office.  There are three different levels of membership available:  Gold, Silver and Bronze.  Membership dues are payroll deducted, and will be taken out each pay period.  

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at kevin.murphy@aacet.net or 501-412-2198.


Kevin Murphy
Executive Director